Transfer Students

We are happy you are here! A transfer student is one who has earned college units after graduating from high school, or a high school graduate who is currently in the process of earning college units.

Transfer credits are accepts towards completion of most certificates. We accept credits from postsecondary institutions approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Transfer credits may also be accepted from schools outside of Colorado with certified proof that the school and program are approved by an accrediting board.

To apply to TCR as a transfer student, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete and submit your official application for admission
  2. Submit a final official transcript from each high school and each college attended. Issuing institutions should address transcripts to:
    • TCR Student Services
    • 1765 Hwy 50
    • Delta, CO 81416
  3. Credit Transfer goes through a review process:
    • After review of the transcript, an advising sheet will be completed showing which courses the student must take at TCR in order to complete a certificate.
    • The advising sheet will be reviewed with the student prior to course registration.
  4. Please review the Credit Transfer Policy:

    • Credits must be completed within the last five years unless other dates have been specified.
    • Partial credit will not be accepted.
    • Course content must be equivalent to the content of required courses at TCR.
    • Courses must be equal or greater in credits than the course at TCR.
    • Student must have received a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher for the course.
    • TCR will abide by all guidelines in the Colorado Department of Higher Education Statewide Transfer Policy.

    Additional Considerations

    • Additional credit transfer guidelines from licensing or accrediting organizations may apply in some programs. College and/or program administration will provide information about any exceptions to the above guidelines.
    • TCR cannot guarantee acceptance of all credits from prior enrollment.
    • Students may be required to repeat material taken in other programs in order to earn the required credits for that course.
    • Transfer students will begin attending class when the courses they need are offered. Students may not be required to begin classes at the beginning of the semester.
    • Students may not register and begin attending classes that are being evaluated for transfer until their transcripts have been reviewed and an advising sheet has been completed.

*Documents become the property of TCR and will not be released to the student or transferred to another institution.