How to Apply

Students who want to apply for registration in a career or technical program at Technical College of the Rockies must
complete the following steps. There are 2 stages to the Admissions Process.

Stage 1: Application Process

1. Click Here to fill out and submit an application. Please make sure to SAVE YOUR STUDENT ID & PIN# so that you can continue to access your profile to complete the Application Process requirements. The Student ID and PIN# will be sent to you via email after you submit the application.

2. Check your email for instructions on completing your checklist items for the program you are applying for. These include, but are not limited to:

  •  A copy of your photo ID, Drivers License, or official High School ID
  • Transcripts (Sent to us directly from the school you attended)
  • Tuition and Fee Acknowledgement Form

It is highly recommended that you complete a FAFSA form early in this process if you are using financial aid, so it is processed with plenty of time before school begins.

If you would like to track your progress in completing the admissions checklist , you may log in to your account by going to and entering the Student ID and PIN#. If there are items you have submitted to us, but they are not checked off, please email to let us know.

3. After you have completed your checklist items, you will move on to the Enrollment Process. This process will begin after  you receive an email notifying you of your completion of stage 1. This email will contain additional instructions for stage 2.

*Note: CPR students DO NOT need to provide a transcript.

Stage 2: Enrollment Process


1. You will receive an email from TCR with links and instructions for downloading our app and registering. 

2. Once you are registered and have created a password, open the app and log in.

3. Click on Programs, and select the program you have applied for.

4. Complete the requirements found in your program and submit them.

5. Once you finish the program requirements, complete and submit the Completed Program Requirements form (AEMT, EMT and Medical Assistant students can submit this form before completing their immunizations**).

6. Once this final step is completed, the admissions office and the business office will be notified and you will be accepted*.

7. Once all payment arrangements have been finalized and submitted, you will be enrolled on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. If the program you are applying for is full, you will be added to the waitlist and notified.


*Note: Acceptance and enrollment for programs requiring a background check is dependent on this background check. See Background Check for more information.

**Note: AEMT, EMT and Medical Assistant students will be enrolled before all of their immunization requirements are completed. The immunization proofs and additional requirements for those programs will be due by the first week of class or you will be dropped from the course. Please be aware that AEMT, EMT and Medical Assistant students must also go through an interview process with their program coordinators to be fully accepted into the program. 


All application required documents and forms must be completed and submitted by December 15th, 2023. If you have not completed all application requirements by December 15th, you may not be considered for admittance.*

*Does not apply to programs with extended registration.

Payment Process:

After you have submitted the Tuition and Fee Acknowledgement form during stage 1, you will be contacted by the Business Office or the Financial Aid Office depending on what you select in the form for payment. You are responsible for keeping in communication with the required department, and completing or arranging payment before class begins.

Admissions Policy

High School/ Concurrent Enrollment Students

High School/concurrent students need to meet with their school counselor or Pathways Coordinator to determine eligibility for TCR programs. Home school students need to meet with the TCR Career Advisor/ Student Advocate to discuss program requirements and rigor. The student and parent(s) then meet with the Registrar and/or for final approval. Students who are interested in attending our institution must be on track to graduate from their high school, be at least 16 years of age (or have permission from the TCR Registrar), and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher for most programs. Some programs have higher GPA requirements. Students must also have permission from their counselor and parents to attend TCR.

Post Secondary Students

Our open-door admission policy allows anyone 17 years or older, who have completed high school or achieved an equivalent measure (i.e., GED), and who has an occupational objective, to be considered for entrance into a postsecondary career and technical programs.

We admit qualified students on a “First Come, First Served” basis, who have completed all necessary admissions requirements. When programs are filled, additional applicants are placed on an alternative wait list. Students must meet all admissions requirements to be placed on this list. Please see your program page on the school website for more information.

Late enrollments may be accepted (with Program Coordinator and TCR Administration approval) on a case-by-case basis.

All financial obligations to TCR from previous terms must be paid in full prior to program continuance or re-enrollment.

We accept high school students in some of our post-secondary career and technical programs.

All incoming students may be subject to assessment testing to determine their skill level. There is a fee for those tests.