Immigrant or Resident Alien Enrollment

There are no state or federal laws prohibiting the admission of documented or undocumented immigrants to U.S. colleges.

There are no state or federal laws requiring students to prove citizenship to enter TCR.

Immigration status does, however, effect eligibility for in-state-tuition and financial aid.

  • Permanent, lawful residents or persons admitted as refugees are eligible to establish domicile for tuition purposes.
  • Nonimmigrant aliens residing in Colorado for purposes other than education may qualify for in-state status after one year of Colorado residence.
  • Nonimmigrants in the following categories cannot qualify for in-state tuition: F-1, F-2, H3, H4 (if the visa holder is the spouse or child of an H-3), J-1, and J-2 (if the J1 visa holder is a student or trainee), M-1, and M-2.
  • A student may also be classified as in-state if they:
    • Attend a public or private high school in Colorado for at least one year immediately preceding graduation or completion of a GED in Colorado.
    • Are Admitted to a Colorado institution within 12 months after earning a diploma or GED in Colorado
    • A student without lawful immigration status who meets both of the above requirements must submit an affidavit to TCR stating that they have applied of lawful presence or will apply as soon as they are eligible.

Undocumented students are not eligible for state or federal financial aid.

House Bill 22-1155