Campus Security – Reporting a Crime/Incident

Campus Security – Reporting a Crime/Incident

Because of the small size of our school, no campus security personnel are employed. Security cameras are located throughout the campus and campus security is considered the responsibility of all TCR employees. Please use the Incident Report form located here and submit to Administration.

Students in need of assistance or wishing to report a crime should contact their instructor or any other school employee. The appropriate law enforcement agency (Delta County Sheriff’s Department) will be contacted as necessary. If no school employee is immediately available, the student should contact or call the Delta County Sheriff’s office at 874-2000 or dial 911 for assistance.

In the event of a crime or security problem on campus, the Delta County Sheriff will be contacted to investigate or aid in the situation. If charges are filed against a current TCR student, the student may be suspended until charges are cleared. If warranted, TCR may expel a student convicted of a hate crime or sexual assault (please see page 10 for more information).

Jeanne Clery Reporting

Technical College of the Rockies is committed to providing it students, staff and visitors with a safe and secure campus. Visitors are required to check in at the main office and receive a visitors ID badge. It is the responsibility of staff and students to report disruptive behavior and unsafe conditions to TCR administration.

The following document contains information and statistics that are in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act for reporting criminal offenses. Definitions of these offenses can be found within the document.