Bookstore Policy

Beginning in the Fall of 2023, Technical College of the Rockies will no longer be selling textbooks through our business office for most of our programs. Some programs will still be ordering books, such as Law Enforcement Academy. Instead, TCR will be purchasing textbooks for each program to be stored inside the classroom where the instruction is taking place. Enough textbooks will be in each classroom to match the number of students enrolled. Textbooks will be available for student use while they are on campus. The ability to check-out or rent a textbook will be specific to the program the student is enrolled in. Check with the Program Coordinator in your department for more detailed information.

Students  have the option to purchase their own textbook from a vendor of their choice.
Textbook information can be found Below.

Other Programs

Due to the nature of these programs, Students MUST purchase their books from an outside vendor. TCR will not provide books for classroom use.