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Why Choose TCR / Technical Education?

Lowest Tuition on the Western Slope

Among postsecondary institutions on the Western Slope, TCR has the #1 lowest tuition rates.

For Every Job that Requires a Masters Degree…

…there are SEVEN jobs that require a one or two year certification or associate’s degree.

Faster and More Affordable…

…than a 4 year school, and a better starting salary than if you don’t go to college.

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Enrolling is Easy

Choose or inquire about a career path and submit your application. Tell me more.

Resources Available

Everything from academic advising to financial resources. Tell me more.

Finish What You Started

Have you completed some college, but do not have a degree? Or maybe you applied to attend college in 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 and did not attend. You may be eligible to participate in the statewide Finish What You Started program. This program is partnering with public colleges and universities across the state to provide individuals with support services and financial support to access and complete a certificate or degree.


TCR is now Hunger Free!

TCR is proud to announce it is a hunger free campus! We have partnered with Delta Food Pantry to make food accessible to any student in need. If you need lunch or food for home please stop by TCR’s food pantry(located in building C). Delta Food Pantry has graciously donated a refrigerator, to ensure a wide variety of available foods. If you would like to donate food, please bring it to Kristine Weiszbrod in Building A.


Enhance Your Career Potential

With over 15 certificate programs and 7 industry training options, we offer various types of programs in the following areas of study:

  • Beauty and Esthetics
  • Human Services
  • Emergency Medical and FireFighting
  • Law Enforcement
  • Transportation
  • Health
  • Computer and IT
  • Welding and Electrician
  • High School Programs
  • Evening Programs